Climate finance reports

INKA Consult has since 2017 - in teams lead by Hans Peter Dejgaard - elaborated these reports on climate finance to developing countries:    

a. Assessment of channels for increasing Norwegian climate finance (Norwegian NGO Forum. 2020). See link  

b. About EU climate finance published April 2018 by ACT Alliance at this link on their website  

c. Oxfam climate finance shadow report (April 2018) at this link 

d. About Norways' climate finance at this link (published November 2017 by Norwegian NGO Forum)

e. Analysis of Danish climate finance (March 2017) to Danish NGOs at this link.  

Furthermore, INKA Consult has contributed with text and data to the Danish government's Biennial Reports to UNFCCC:    

- Denmarks Biennial Report (BR4 covering 2017-18) to UNFCCC is this excel-file at this link and 25 pages finance chapter at this link. Furthermore, we have made a brief 8 pages version (here link) with key information.   

- Denmarks BR3 covering 2015-16 to UNFCCC. Can be found at this link. The chapter about finance is at page 304 to 325. Excel with data in this link.   

- Denmarks MMR reporting to EU for 2018 (overview in table 7): Here a link to Excel with 2018 committments (tilsagn) og here a link to Excel with Danish disbursements (udbetalinger) during 2018.    

- Denmarks MMR reporting to EU for 2017 (overview in table 7): Here a link to 2017 committments (tilsagn) og here a link to Danish disbursements (udbetalinger) during 2017.  














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